Village Picks: Super Immunity

Title: Super Immunity

Author: Dr Joel Fuhrman Length: 295 pages

Rating (out of 5 ):

Overall Score: 5

Readability: 4

Quality of Research: 5

Ability to Spark Change: 5

Overview Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a family physician who has dedicated his career to prevent and reverse disease through natural and nutritious means.

This book was an excellent read and it will be a good addition to anybody’s health and wellness library - whether you’re a nutrition newbie or an expert in the industry. Dr. Fuhrman does a good job in reminding us how connected we are to the planet and how we rely on it to sustain us. He sets out examples of how small lifestyle changes can lead us away from pharmaceuticals, pharmacies and even the flu and he is not shy to share his honest opinions of the current food and medicine systems.

The book covers a wide range of topics from pregnancy to a super immunity in the late stages of life. When asking someone until what age do they see themselves living to, there is almost always an easy answer given. When the follow up question is asked: “In what state of health do you see yourself in at that age?” the sudden mortality of our immortal 20s comes rushing back to haunt us. Through reading this book, it is Dr. Fuhrman’s goal to guide us through lifestyle changes that will aid us in aging with grace, rather than illness, aches and pains.

Key takeaways So many of the most common diseases and conditions of our times are the result of our Western diets and the quality of the food available in our food system today. As a result, these can be prevented or avoided by addressing these shortfalls.

For example, this book shares real studies which show strong links between pesticides from foods and certain diseases. Pesticides used on crops including corn, apples, pears, grapes, berries and peaches have been associated with ADHD, behaviour problems and neurodevelopmental deficiencies in children. These can be avoided by finding organic produce or those from trusted local purveyors.

If greens are the king of Super Immunity, mushrooms are the queen The compounds found in mushrooms enhance the activity and function of natural killer T cells, which detect other cells that are infected or damaged, and attack and remove them.

A diet of white, cremini, portobello, oyster, maitake and reishi mushrooms have all been shown to have anticancer effects, preventing DNA damage and slowing cancer cell or tumour growth.

Eat more angiogenesis-inhibiting foods Angiogenesis is a complex physiological process by which new blood vessels are formed from previously existing ones. The growth of fat cells and tumours are dependent on angiogenesis.

Many plant foods contain natural angiogenesis inhibitors that can prevent tumours from growing and fat cells from expanding, as well as prevent inflammation and inhibit the development of cancer.

Angiogenesis-inhibiting foods are: Onions, citrus, cruciferous vegetables, ginger, mushrooms, omega 3s, spinach and turmeric.

Reach for zinc when you’re sick Zinc can replace many of the commonly sought after over-the-counter remedies. Research shows that taking zinc can decrease incidences of pneumonia and antibiotic use and can decrease the duration of colds and flu by a day or more.

Foods that are high in zinc are: Beans, pumpkin seeds and whole grains, such as quinoa, kamut, buckwheat and amaranth.

A Super Immunity diet can be diverse and delicious We’ve seen a lot of books with recipes in the back, but nothing as comprehensive as Dr. Fuhrman’s version. The recipe section covers everything from breakfast to dessert and includes salads, dips and soups. These recipes are more versatile, well thought-out, and accessible as well as tasty.

Personal thoughts As a holistic nutritionist, I am thankful to have come across this book; it will be something I keep coming back to for many years to come. Super Immunity confirmed for me what we are trying to achieve at Village Juicery: to help our community gain access to this level of natural, plant-based nutrition and feel empowered so they can be the best version of themselves.

About the reviewer Matt Daley is a holistic nutritionist with Village Juicery and is completing his studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Editor’s note: Super Immunity was one of the key inspirations for Village Juicery. This book helped us understand the merits of a plant-based diet and the benefits of juice as a source of readily available nutrition. It inspired us specifically to create juices like Be Clean, Be Strong and Be Green.

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