Our Favourite Places in and around Little Italy

Our first home was an unassuming storefront on the corner of College and Euclid in Little Italy. This neighbourhood quickly stole our hearts with its commitment to tradition, quality and community. Here are just a few of our favourites:

The Green Grind

This coffee shop just across the way is committed to getting you your daily cup of joe without contributing to environmental degradation. The Green Grind is actually LEED certified, the first café in Toronto to boast this certification. It is this commitment to sustainability that brings us in, but the coffee keeps us coming back: certified organic, fair trade coffee that is roasted in Toronto, and a great selection of plant-based snacks and quick meals to grab on the go. Kicking back here in a comfy chair is our favourite way to power through some work or read a good book.

The Health Hut

Located just a little north of our College location, you will find the Health Hut. Curated with wellbeing in mind, owner and holistic nutritionist Tara Miller has stocked her shop with the most sought-after all natural, non-toxic beauty and wellness products. This shop stays true to the philosophy that what we put on our bodies holds just as much importance as what we put in them. We appreciate the positive customer experience it offers, the support it shows for Canadian entrepreneurs and the certainty that each product that is sold is free of harmful chemicals and additives. 

Herbs & Nutrition

Herbs and Nutrition is not only one of the best natural health food stores in our vicinity, we would argue it’s one of the best in the city! Located just a few steps west from Bathurst Station, it’s stocked with all things healthy and organic making it a health food nerd’s oasis. Most impressive to our team of nutritionists, their vast selection of high quality supplements and herbs offered at some of the best prices in the city. We regularly stop by to pick up organic produce, organic teas, all natural cleaning and hygiene products, bulk nuts and dried fruit and much, much more.

Bar Raval

Last but not least, the vibe over at our beautiful neighbours, Bar Raval, is that of a Spanish escape or as it’s been said - ‘a warm hug from a tree’. Enjoying a meticulously crafted coffee or well sourced tea at the curved mahogany bar is a perfect way to start the day. We love sharing their pintxo selections; our nutritionist hearts appreciating the seasonal, high quality ingredients and ‘made in house’ aspects. The staff is as warm and inviting as the interior, the mood carefree and unpretentious and the music selection on point!

By Gabby Ouimet CNP, Marcelina Maciejewski CNP & Stephanie Fenkanyn CNP, Nutritionists at our 540 College St. location.

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