4 Ways to Ensure you are Emotionally Supported During a Cleanse

Written by Joelle Mintzberg, CNP When cleansing, we often focus on our food and drink consumption and the physical activity that we will commit to doing. But what about the emotional support we need? This is such a crucial addition to a successful cleanse because the best way to experience success with your reset program is to keep a positive outlook. Emotional support is a great place to start! Most of us know that nutrition and movement are important for health, but it is important to note that other factors, such as pleasure and emotional connection can also significantly influence physical well-being. Activities that are perceived as pleasurable release chemicals into our body, such as endorphins and oxytocin, that have positive health effects. For this reason, the best way to approach a reset program and to maximize the benefits is to ensure that you are emotionally supported. Emotions are one of the driving factors in getting on track with your health.

Here are four ways to support yourself emotionally during a reset:

  1. Make the experience as pleasant as possible! Drink a lot of water, do light exercise, and spend time in nature. These things may seem small but are so important; don't overlook them! Remember to give your body rest when it needs it. If you're going through a major diet change, make sure you eat enough. You will become irritable if you're hungry, and that doesn’t contribute to a release of toxins – it just adds to them!
  2. Have support and prepare the people in your life ahead of time. They are often the ones who could bring on the release of emotion. They don't cause the emotion per se, but they can certainly provoke it.
  3. Take a break! Let go of anything stressful that you don’t have to do – at least for a day or two.
  4. Cultivate more compassion for yourself. Ultimately the process of emotional detoxification is about being more compassionate and kind to your body. Know that it is easy to be compassionate when a person or animal is suffering, but much harder to do so for yourself. So, start by treating yourself as you would your best friend. Indulge. Listen. Go shopping. Make a favourite meal. Read a book. Cuddle in bed all day. Become your own BFF.
Joelle Mintzberg is a Nutritionist at Village Juicery and is a certified Eating Psychology Coach. She focuses on improving emotional and stress eating and works with clients to recognize that lifestyle habits and emotional concerns both play a crucial role in the foods that we choose to eat and the impact that it has on our daily performance, overall health and well being. You can connect with Joelle on Instagram: @joellemintzberg

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