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Haley Knox

Certified Nutritionist,
Workplace Wellness Specialist

Haley believes it is the smaller changes that make the largest difference. She works closely with her clients to teach the importance of the impact of the food that we eat, the thoughts we think and the movement that we do.

Andie Kalifer

Holistic Nutritionist Certified,
Nutritional Practitioner

Andie’s goal is to spread her knowledge on how nutrition can not only be enjoyable and accessible, but delicious too! She strongly believes whatever we eat and apply to our bodies will manifest into how we feel, how we look, and what we think.

Denise Rodriques

Certified Nutritional Practitioner,
Health Transformation Expert

Denise is an advocate for bridging the gap between conventional & ancient plant medicine as well as alternative holistic modalities,her gift is transmuting emotional imbalances created by traumatic experiences.