A Letter From Our Founders

Over the past months, our inbox has been filled with an unprecedented number of questions about the nature, composition and longevity of our products. We recognize that our industry is changing, and that some brands - local and abroad - have created confusion by using words like raw or unpasteurized despite implementing mass-market technologies that extend shelf life and broaden the reach of their product. Products like these have a place - but this is not us! So we wanted to set the record straight. In 2014, at the outset of this journey, we set 3 key values in stone. Today, we want to clarify and reaffirm these commitments to each of you.



  • Each of our refrigerated products is made in-house every single day. 363 days per year at our central kitchen at the border of Toronto & Mississauga.
  • Our products are truly raw and unprocessed - No UV light, No pressure, No heat - NOTHING! Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are pressed every night, refrigerated and brought to our stores and partners overnight and in the early morning. Our shelf life ranges from 2 to 7 days depending on the product and recipe.
  • There is no difference between the product in our own stores, and the ones found at our very much loved partners around the GTA.



  • Our mission is to improve the health of our community by making raw, organic plant-based nutrition available across the city.
  • We only use organic inputs. We are the first (and by our count the only) certified organic raw juicery in Toronto. Over 40 of our products are certified organic.
  • All of our recipes are developed by our team of nutritionists and then made in-house. No scientists. No food labs. No contractors. Only what we would be proud to feed our young families.
  • All of our stores are staffed by a holistic nutritionist at all times to that you have informed answers to your questions.



  • We view the health of the earth and environment as directly linked to the health of our community.
  • Our entire operation diverts 100% of our waste from landfill, here’s how:
    • Using only reusable or biodegradable food packaging
    • Composting all of our organic produce leftovers at a local farm
    • Processing all other waste using Waste Incineration Technology
  • Our goal is to use zero plastic packaging - right now our caps are the only plastic packaging used, we’re working on it!
  • Each year, we proudly support 60+ organizations who are making positive contributions in the neighbourhoods we serve.

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