Who we are

Made in Toronto, every day. We provide raw, 100% organic, nutritionist approved and never HPP’d cold-pressed juice.

We strive to improve the everyday health of our community by providing convenient access to raw, organic, delicious plant-based nutrition.

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Why juice?

  • Better health

    Better health

    Our modern diet doesn’t give us all the nutrients we need, which results in poor nutrition, obesity and high incidence rates of disease (trust us, the data is not good). Research shows that people who drink juice daily have greater energy, glowing complexions, high performing immune systems and a reduced risk of disease. As a result, they live happier, more active and balanced lifestyles.

  • Quick nutrition

    More convenient

    Drinking juice is the easiest way to increase your consumption of raw fruit and vegetables, which provide critical vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, living enzymes and proteins. To achieve the equivalent nutritional value of a 500 ml Village Juice, you would need to eat about 6 to 8 salads a day.

  • Natural nutrition

    Natural nutrition

    95% of vitamins and enzymes we need are found in the juice of raw produce. Drinking the right juice is better than taking supplements or multivitamins, which does not get absorbed into your body as efficiently.

Why cold pressed?

  • Maximum nutrition

    Maximum nutrition

    Blending or grinding juice creates heat and introduces oxygen into juice, denaturing fruits and vegetables. A hydraulic press juicer extracts nectar directly from the pulp, allowing you to enjoy the most concentrated amount of vital nutrients and enzymes.

  • Fast absorption

    Faster absorption

    The elimination of fibrous pulp reduces the body’s work to digest nutrients. These nutrients will then pass through the stomach into the digestive track where they are absorbed quickly. Get ready to feel the buzz!

  • Super fresh

    Super fresh

    True cold-pressed juice is never processed or pasteurized. We produce every day, providing you the freshest juice possible. Our juice is best enjoyed within three to five days of pressing to ensure maximum nutrition.