Be A Villager: Health Hut’s Tara Miller

Nov 22, 2016

Q & A with the owner of Health Hut: Tara Miller

In this “Be A Villager” post, we learn about holistic nutritionist and owner of the all-natural beauty boutique, Health Hut.

In 2011, Tara Miller saw the opportunity to bring healthy living to Muskoka when she converted an old ice-cream hut to a one-stop wellness shop. Three years later, she opened a second location, just around the corner for our College location, at 171 Harbord. Our Village nutritionists love that Tara values that what we put on our bodies holds just as much importance as what we put in them.

You can more about Tara and her boutique at: www,

VJ: What inspired you to open your own all-natural beauty shop?

T: When I was in school for holistic nutrition, we did a course on all the chemicals in our daily care products.  It was something I had never even considered!  I wanted to offer clean, healthy alternatives.  Plus, I was looking for a way to spend my summer up in Muskoka.  😉

VJ: What is the most fulfilling part of your work in the holistic field?

T: Challenging people’s conventional views on food, health, lifestyle products and their daily habits.  For example, so many of my clients still think eating fat is “bad”.  I love telling them they can eat avocado and olives and butter.  Also, introducing them to cleaner versions of their favorite products.  I can say I successfully converted a die hard Chanel customer over to an all natural skin care routine.  I think that is pretty cool.


VJ: What is your favourite part of working with clients? What is the most challenging part?

T: My favorite part is seeing the improvements in their health: mood, sleep, energy, skin, relationship with food, that good stuff.  The most challenging part is creating the right plan for each individual and their lifestyle.  I feel like there is a sweet spot where they are seeing benefits, while also not feeling overly restricted.  I work really hard to come up with a plan that ensures happiness around food, but also positive health changes.

VJ: What is your most popular product? Why do you think it is?

T: Deodorant is a big one!  It’s hard to find a great natural deodorant that works, as each person’s chemistry is a bit different. What is great for one, may be terrible for another.  That’s why we have lots.

VJ: What is your favourite Village Juicery product?

T: Ginger fireball!  Or kombucha!  Or the juice with the red cabbage, I love that one.

VJ: Name 5 things you can’t live without.


  1. My husband (I think I have to say that!).
  2. Our pets (2 cats and a new puppy).
  3. Sadly, my iphone, but its true.
  4. My contacts or glasses because I gotta see!
  5. Red wine…and pizza, it’s a tie.

VJ: Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

T: When I am not at work you can find me up north in Muskoka, cooking, eating, drinking reading…just enjoying slower living.  Or if I’m in the city – going for walks, cooking, entertaining, exploring new and revisiting my favorite restaurants, going to a spin or conditioning class, watching live music, shopping at other local shops like my own, drinking kombucha from The Juicery. 😉

VJ: What is your take on living a plant-based lifestyle?

T: I believe no matter what type of diet you follow, your plate should be mostly plants.  The rest is individual.  I eat meat, fish, dairy and eggs and am conscious of where they are coming from and how it was raised.  This works for me.  I experimented with being a vegetarian for years and I did not feel great.  I see people that are sick and people that thrive on all sorts of different diets.  I think you just need to listen to your body and decide for yourself.

VJ: What is one of the most important lessons you have learned from owning a small business?

T: The more you put in, the more you get out!  But – you do need to stop and take time for yourself.  I am way more creative, efficient (and friendly!) when I respect my limits.  It is ok to say no.